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FIDO Bugs are CAPEX-free single-user devices which drop easily onto network or customer-side assets to gather data for FIDO AI analysis.

Just like traditional acoustic loggers, FIDO Bugs record acoustic and kinetic signatures so FIDO AI can deliver points of information on leak/no leak and leak size with >92% accuracy.

Unlike traditional devices they are not limited to alarm thresholds. FIDO Bugs take multiple sound recordings . Their HD microphones are more sensitive with a greater range than most. And, they record in three planes, rather than the usual one.  

Plus, they can be used to locate leaks to under a metre in the field with no additional specialist kit or training, using NEW FIDO Correlation.

FIDO Bugs in a box, lit up

Using the kit

FIDO Bugs are supplied as part of a FIDO Sweep Kit, which consists of 100 Bugs housed in a charging/transport case.

Using Bugs is simplicity itself and requires no special training. Simply set the recording interval on your FIDO smartphone app. Then, drop the magnetic Bug onto any network or customer-side asset. No need to input any location data. FIDO AI does the rest.

Bluetooth connectivity allows data to be transferred onto an engineer’s mobile phone whenever it is nearby.

Our Bugs are manufactured to a very high standard to withstand the rigours of any operational environment. Tested to withstand extreme temperature, pressure and shock, each comes in a fully Chloros safe, polycarbonate shell.

Correlation (not approximation) to <1m

Now you can use your Bugs to locate leaks much more accurately on site. It’s our latest breakthrough.

The extra data they gather, coupled with FIDO’s immense cloud computing power, means they are staggeringly good at calculating where a leak is between two points.

Simply go to the asset nearest the leak. Put a Bug on it and take a sample for FIDO to analyse. Then, take another Bug, knock it gently against the Bug on the asset, and drop it on another asset on the other side of the leak.

Hey presto! Working together, the two Bugs calculate the precise location of the leak to within a metre.

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Do FIDO Bugs work well on low pressure water systems?

Our hardware is designed to work on all network and asset types, anywhere in the world. This means that it will accurately record leak signatures on low pressure as well as high pressure systems.

When introducing our hardware into new regions or onto new network types, we collaborate closely with clients for an initial period of usually one to two weeks in order to collect calibration data for FIDO AI.

Are the FIDO Bugs hygienic and waterproof?

Yes. All FIDO Tech hardware solutions are tested and approved by UK water hygiene standards before we release them for general use. They are shock and temperature resistant, and pressure tested to 10bar. Their tough, smooth, sealed polycarbonate shell can be cleaned with Chloros products. For regions outside of the UK, please contact us to make sure that these hygiene ratings are transferable to your region. If required, we are happy to discuss gaining approval in your region.

What is the largest diameter water pipe size that FIDO Bugs can be used with?

FIDO Bugs can ‘hear’ leak signatures on pipes of all diameters. As with all equipment relying on vibrational data, larger diameter pipes may affect the detection range. However, Bugs are hypersensitive and are affected less by increasing pipe diameters than other equipment may be.