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FIDO AI leak sizing. Go to the leaks that matter first.

Why FIDO Tech?

FIDO AI is the only software-as-a-service (SaaS) end-to-end leak detection solution which identifies leaks and the size of leaks to hit your water losses hard.

We use cutting-edge AI and the world’s largest library of leak data to deliver instant results. In short, nothing beats FIDO at finding the biggest leaks first time.

  • Accurate: FIDO AI reduces false positives and human error and is 92% accurate.
  • Easy: FIDO AI deploys instantly and works with all your devices so you can streamline workflow processes.
  • Efficient: FIDO AI’s leak-sizing capability is unique. So, you can prioritise resources to reduce run-time.

As easy as 1-2-3

Add certainty and find leaks by size

FIDO automatically analyses acoustic and kinetic files to give immediate leak probability and size, so you can prioritise resource and confidently respond quickly to reduce leak runtime. Works with any file from any third party or FIDO device and even other platforms. FIDO reduces false positives and eliminates human error to deliver fast results which are 92% accurate. Don’t put an engineer in the van until FIDO tells you to.

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No loggers? No problem

Take our AI into ‘no sensor’ areas using multiple low-cost FIDO-enabled hardware called Bugs to generate an overnight heatmap. Small, simple and incredibly versatile, FIDO Bugs can also be used singly as top sounder, listening stick or logger to enhance your existing hardware and generate accurate points of evidence for dig orders. Instant objective results are delivered straight to a mobile phone.

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Use leaks data to stop future leaks

Take leak management to the next level, using leaks as network data intelligence assets to predict and ultimately prevent leaks. FIDO’s unique tracking ID links each leak with historical records on material, volume of water lost, repair and individual engineer activities and uses this information to spot trends. Also provides reliable, consistent audit data for end-to-end performance reporting.

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Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

With leak-sizing, FIDO is a game-changer in leakage detection. It really is revolutionising our response to leaks.”

Hannah Wardle, United Utilities
A man with a hardhat and VR goggles on standing behind a training and development graphic, used to illustrate FIDO AI's training offering.

Support and training

Because FIDO’s solution was developed hand-in-hand with frontline leak detection experts, it is easy to use on its own or alongside existing kit with minimal set-up and training.

A knowledge base is available 24-hours via both the platform and the mobile app, and this is backed up with in-person phone support.

We can provide on-site training in the use of the FIDO solution along with selected EUSR-accredited courses such as National Water Hygiene.

Innovation with a purpose

FIDO’s mission is to help the world detect the leaks that matter accurately and, most importantly, save water. Time is pressing. Our growing communities need reliable sources of water to thrive, but while the population expands the world’s water doesn’t. There’s a societal, environmental and increasingly reputational cost to leakage, not to mention the lost revenue for organisations who are expected to work smarter and deliver ever more for ever less.

FIDO is our answer.

A photo of someone's hands with water held in them to illustrate FIDO AI's mission to help the world save water

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