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FIDO AI is the elegant patented algorithm at the heart of our leak detection solution. It is so uniquely attuned to the data trail left only by real leaks that nothing beats it for speed and accuracy. It’s also the world’s only technology to give you leak-sizing.

FIDO is AI in the true sense of the word. It was trained on verified leak data from one of the world’s most sophisticated water networks. It applies these learnings on any network to give results that are >92% accurate.

We’re also committed to open data, so FIDO is completely sensor agnostic and non-proprietary. FIDO doesn’t need 3rd party acoustic and kinetic files to find your leaks, but if you’ve got them, hey, FIDO will analyse those too. 

The FIDO ecosystem


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Find the leaks that matter.

FIDO AI is the only technology with leak-sizing

FIDO Sweep

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No loggers? No problem.

FIDO Bugs provide more data than traditional sensors and unlock even more functionality

Leak Central

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Prevent leaks.

Build your leakage history and spot trends

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Generate points of interest

Locate leaks by size

FIDO AI gathers the best leak data all by itself but any acoustic or kinetic file, in any format from any device will do. FIDO analyses them to the same stunning accuracy.

First, FIDO decides if there’s a real leak. FIDO delivers leak / no leak decisions to >92% accuracy. It is immune to the distractions that lead to human errors, like background noise, or high customer usage. FIDO data can even help you work out if a sensor is malfunctioning or sub-optimally positioned.

Next, it calculates how big a leak is. No other technology can do this. These unique points of interest mean you can quickly prioritise resource to the biggest leaks first, save precious run time, and, crucially, prevent more non-revenue water.

Instant set-up and low upkeep

FIDO’s AI platform is your team’s 24-hour point of access to a machine-learning world of leak detection possibilities which is expanding every day, with every file it analyses.

The platform itself is easy to use and is delivered via FIDO’s web-based dashboard with instant set-up, minimal deployment and low upkeep because it is entirely hosted and supported by us.

Files are automatically uploaded and analysed instantly, thousands of files a minute.

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Case studies


Does FIDO AI only analyse acoustic files?

The main data FIDO AI receives are kinetic files. This covers the whole spectrum of vibrational waves from infrasonic (subsonic), through the acoustic range, and into ultrasonic. FIDO AI is sensor agnostic, so the vibration data can come from any hardware including third-party acoustic sensors and hydrophones. FIDO AI can also incorporate other data sources such as DMA flow data and pressure data. The number of data sources we can incorporate into our AI analysis is continuously growing.

How does FIDO AI calculate its water leak location results?

FIDO AI uses a core set of eight vibrational analysis algorithms that are interdependent and it is this algorithm network which helps provide its predictions. The algorithms continue to grow in number as we develop new ones that improve accuracy or increase functionality. The current accuracy of FIDO AI’s leak detection function is over 92% and improving.

How is the water leak detection accuracy of FIDO AI verified?

All FIDO AI’s leak predictions are checked against known results and are currently accurate 92% of the time. But it’s improving with every verified file. FIDO reached its current accuracy rate by training its algorithm set on a carefully collected and cleaned data library of over 1.7 million vibration files. As the number of partners we work with expands, so does our library. This in turn constantly improves the accuracy of our AI.

How is the water leakage data from FIDO’s clients stored and used?

FIDO is compliant with industry data sharing protocols because it processes and learns remotely. Client data is accessed via secure data exchange and not held by FIDO Tech.

However, we rely on close collaboration with utility companies and development partners to continue FIDO AI’s development. We never hold data files for our prediction process. We will only hold data for the purpose of training our AI. Partners give us express permission to hold this data for the purpose of helping with our AI training and improving FIDO for the benefit of all water companies and the planet.

How does FIDO AI show water leak size?

FIDO AI shows leak size in banded categories of ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’, helping leak detection teams prioritise their resources when scheduling leak investigations. So, as well as making sure you never put a leak technician in their van without being confident there is a leak present, FIDO AI’s leak sizing also means technicians go to where they are needed most. This has already saved our clients significant time, resources and money.