Locate water leaks accurately with the power of the cloud

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FIDO Cloud Correlation

Right-first-time water leak location avoids dry digs, cuts run-time and reduces water loss faster. With Cloud Correlation, FIDO harnesses the power of cloud-computing to locate leaks exactly .

Traditional correlation uses edge devices. These specialist on-site devices need trained operators and regular re-calibration. It can be costly and time-consuming.

FIDO Cloud Correlation removes human error because there’s no need to input location, pipe material or distance.

Simple palm-sized samplers called FIDO Bugs, which come free with a FIDO AI subscription, collect all the acoustic data. Then FIDO AI does the super accurate analysis in the cloud. Instant results are delivered direct to an engineer’s phone.

Cloud Correlation: See it live in action

Screen shot showing sample results from Cloud Correlation

Cloud vs edge

Correlating water leaks in the cloud has several advantages over traditional edge devices.

First, you have access to far more computing power with which to correctly identify leak noise frequency.

Second, with the FIDO AI model, it automatically detects pipe material and applies the right combination of filters and mathematical modelling to deliver accurate leak location. FIDO Cloud Correlation includes a more complex filtering process than any hand-held device would be able to manage.

Third, you can integrate your ARC GIS network data to generate location and distance data without manual input.

Lastly, data is never lost. You can store all the information about the leak and its location permanently in the Cloud for future reference.

The tech behind the technique

Any correlation needs good data samples recorded at precisely the same moment. Pipe sounds travel at around a metre every millisecond. So, if you’re more than a millisecond out you’ll be too far away to dig reliably.

The in-built quartz crystal clock in every FIDO Bug is accurate to 10 parts per million and super easy to synchronise. You just tap any two Bugs together.

Once they’ve been set and synchronised, simply drop each Bug onto any accessible network or customer side asset either side of a leak. They’re magnetic so it’s very easy.

Each drop takes less than 90 seconds. The acoustic sampling process takes about another two minutes.

Next, upload the Bugs’ simultaneous audio samples to FIDO AI in the cloud using the FIDO app on your smartphone.

Because FIDO AI is in the cloud it has access to phenomenal computing power. It automatically chooses the right calculation based on the leak’s characteristics. It also works out the exact location of the Bugs from your network GIS data, if you have it. So there’s no need to input anything manually.

The exact location of the leak between the two Bugs comes back to the app in seconds.

FIDO Bugs come free with a FIDO AI subscription.

FIDO Bugs in a box, lit up

“The power of Cloud Correlation will help us become more efficient on site and drive leakage down.”

Paul Parr, Leakage Technical Manager, United Utilities


Does Cloud Correlation work with any acoustic logger hardware?

Not all acoustic loggers provide the granular data and time synchronicity we need for accurate correlation in the cloud. Currently only FIDO Bugs have the functionality we need.

What materials can FIDO Cloud Correlation be used with?

FIDO Cloud Correlation is not material specific. It works with all water pipe materials commonly in use, including plastic.

Do I need a special phone to use FIDO Cloud Correlation?

No. Any basic modern smartphone which is equipped with Bluetooth will work as all the heavy processing is done in the FIDO Cloud. All you need is to download the FIDO app for Android or iOS.