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Here are some of our current FIDO partners. If you’re interested in joining the FIDO AI revolution, please get in touch.

Our partners

Name: United Utilities
Type: Development Partner
Website: https://unitedutilities.com
Contact: Not listed

Detection Services

Name: Detection Services
Type: Value Added Re-seller
Region: Australia, New Zealand
Website: https://detectionservices.com.au
Contact: Chris Evans
Email: chrise@detectionservices.com.au

Name: Palmenviro
Type: Value Added Re-seller
Region: South Africa, Slovenia, Malaysia
Website: https://palmenviro.com
Contact: Martin Hutchings
Email: martin.hutchings@palmenviro.com

Name: 2f Water Venture
Type: Value Added Re-seller
Region: Italy
Website: https://2fwaterventure.it
Contact: Cristina Scarpel
Email: cristina@2fwaterventure.it

Binnies logo

Name: Binnies
Type: Strategic Partner
Website: https://binnies.com
Contact: Stuart White
Email: whites2@binnies.com

Name: Digital Water Solutions
Type: Strategic Partner
Website: https://digitalwater.solutions
Contact: Barclay Whittaker
Email: barclay.whittaker@digitalwater.solutions

Name: WRc
Type: Value Added Re-seller
Region: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia
Website: https://wrcgroup.com
Contact: Simon Ayley
Email: simon.ayley@wrcgroup.com