The FIDO solution

An introduction to the FIDO 3-part solution to water leak detection. A cutting-edge formula combining the world’s only leak-sizing AI, rugged low capex hardware and trend-based leak prevention.

The FIDO 3-part solution


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Find the leaks that matter.

FIDO AI is the only technology with leak-sizing

2: FIDO Sweep

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No loggers? No problem.

Use FIDO-enabled hardware infield for real-time results

3: Leak Central

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Prevent leaks.

Build your leakage history and spot trends


Add certainty and find leaks by size

First, FIDO’s unique machine-learning brain decides if there’s a real leak. FIDO is immune to the type of distractions that lead to human errors, such as background noise, or high customer usage. It can even prompt you if data suggests a sensor is malfunctioning or sub-optimally positioned.

Then it calculates how big it is. No other technology can do this. FIDO’s 92% accuracy in generating these points of interest means you can quickly dispatch resource to the biggest leaks, first.

FIDO works in real-time, but will automatically download and analyse files to the rhythm that suits your team and generate outputs which are fully integrated into your current processes and management systems, for instance as a list or a visual heatmap you can use to schedule further investigation and leak management.

2. FIDO Sweep

No loggers? No problem

For areas without existing sensors, FIDO Sweep is the answer. Kits of 100 tiny cost-effective hardware devices called Bugs attach magnetically to hydrants with no service interruption or special training.

Unlike many traditional sensors, which alarm when a pre-set threshold is met, Bugs sample everything; taking multiple acoustic and vibrational samples and gathering additional information, such as usage, if available.

Enhanced battery life means the units can be left up to three years in full operational mode, while Bluetooth connectivity allows drive-by results collection straight to a technician’s FIDO smartphone app so leaks can be acted on there and then. Data is also collated as a heatmap.

Simple single user devices, FIDO Bugs can also be used to locate leaks exactly using FIDO Cloud Correlation. 

3. Leak Central

Use your leak data to prevent future leaks

The moment FIDO analyses a file, it applies a unique code which links each leak with historical records on material, volume of water lost, repair and individual engineer activities as well as other data you have available such as usage.

From this, FIDO AI identifies the specific network factors causing leaks and the circumstances in which leaks might re-occur. This unique data intelligence can be used to spot trends and take a proactive approach to preventing leaks.

As well as providing certainty in performance reporting, this helps you plan resource, maintenance and long-term investment.

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