Getting started

Before you start

You will need an Android or iOS device with Bluetooth, a mobile data service and a current subscription to FIDO AI.

Info: You must have Bluetooth on when using the app. The app will prompt you if you forget.

Download and activate the app

1. Download the FIDOBug app to your Android or iOS device.

2. Open the app on your device and input the unique 4-character activation code you were sent when you subscribed to the FIDO service.

3.  Allow locations and click OK to give the app permission to use your Bluetooth.

4. The app defaults to the metric system. If you want the app to use US Imperial measures, navigate to the main menu, click settings and select your chosen system from the dropdown menu. You only need to do this once.

Connect and disconnect a FIDO Bug

5. Tap Scan to detect any FIDO Bugs in your device’s Bluetooth range.

The Scan button highlights blue when ready

6. Select one of the Bugs by tapping its name in the list. The name in the list will highlight in green. The selected Bug itself will also glow green. This shows it is ready to receive its first instruction.

7. Download the full FIDO app user guide for details of which instruction to use.

8. To disconnect the Bug, tap Disconnect

9. Download the full FIDO Bug user guide to get to know your Bug’s parts, how to care for it and how to deploy it effectively.

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