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FIDO Research & Development

FIDO’s deep-learning algorithm is a living thing. Constantly learning as it is taught new ways of using data. Constantly improving as its memory grows with every verified decision.

Behind this success lies the hungry young teams of scientists, developers and operational experts who take every new challenge our clients present to us and develop new ways of meeting them.

FIDO is constantly updated with new features to keep it at the cutting edge of leak detection. And for every new feature that goes live, one is already in beta testing and another is in development. It’s a constant pipeline driven by you.


Our team of physicists, developers, mathematicians and AI engineers is unique in the water industry. They focus their considerable skills, enthusiasm and burgeoning experience on finding ever more accurate and creative ways of predicting patterns in data with the sole aim of finding leaks.

No idea is out of bounds. The new developments they pursue come either from the water industry itself, our growing knowledge of it, or are presented by FIDO itself as tiny nuances in data present new possibilities.

Testing times

Every new feature goes through rigorous offline testing to prove it will advance FIDO’s capabilities before it is launched in trial format as a ‘release candidate’ (RC) on the FIDO platform. At this stage, the new functionality is proven but FIDO needs access to increased real-time verified data to hone its new skills to perfection. Then the new version goes live.

As a FIDO client, you are always at the forefront of new developments because you get the chance to test drive new FIDO functionality at this beta testing stage, before it is available to new customers.

The test rig

If there’s one thing we learned from our time in United Utilities’ Innovation Lab, it’s the value of making our incredible software advancements practical and usable in the field. Our FIDO hardware applies FIDO’s AI in real site conditions and needs to be robust and tough enough to earn a place in a technician’s toolkit.

All FIDO hardware is tested under operational conditions with engineers and technicians who understand the job of finding leaks first hand and work directly with the technicians who do it every day. A fully-equipped water network in miniature, our test rig in Standish, Lancashire, is where our field operations team puts it through its paces. Their operational knowledge is second-to-none.

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