Deploying FIDO Bugs

Before you start

You will need a FIDO smartphone app, with Bluetooth enabled.

Activate your Bug

1. Pick up a FIDO Bug and make a note of the unique ID number printed on its base.

2. Open your FIDO app and tap Scan.

3. All the FIDO Bugs within your Bluetooth range will appear in your scan window.

4. Select your Bug from the list by tapping its ID number. The ID in the list will highlight in green. The selected Bug will also glow green. This shows it is ready to receive its first instruction.

5. Select a sampling session duration from from the BUG MODE dropdown menu above the scan window. In this example we will choose a 5-minute sample.

Deploy your Bug

6. Look for any accessible network or customer side asset near your suspected leak or point of interest (PoI).

7. Making sure you are using the same Bug (check its ID number), place it on top of the asset. It does not go inside the pipe.

8. Make sure the magnet is facing down if you can. The weight of the Bug helps improve the connection with the asset. Do not use anything to tie or secure your Bug to the asset.

Start the sampling session

9. Holding your phone over the Bug, tap Start to commence the sampling session. You may be asked to confirm you want to erase the data from a previous session. Click Yes.

10. The app will confirm the details of your new session.

9. Carefully secure the asset and keep the area around the Bug as quiet as possible for the duration of the session (in this case 5 minutes).

Collect the data and get your result

9. Allow enough time for the sampling session to finish. Then go back to the asset and, when within Bluetooth range, open your app and tap Scan again.

10. This time, when your Bug appears in the list, the icon to the left should display as a cloud. If not, leave the Bug a few more minutes to finish its session.

11. Tap the Bug’s ID in the list so that it goes green and then tap Upload. The Bug glows blue while this is happening.

12. Wait a few moments for your FIDO AI result.

 13. Download the full FIDO app user guide for more details about FIDO functions.

14. Download the full FIDO Bug user guide to get to know your Bug’s parts, how to care for it and how to deploy it effectively.

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