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Release of update to FIDOBug smartphone app v1.1.1

FIDO’s latest update to its FIDOBug app for Android™️, iPhone and iPad includes two new features requested by users as well as new terminology to simplify its user interface.

For the first time, users can instruct the app to display pipe lengths, diameters and distances in the US Imperial measurement system as an alternative to metric.

We have also introduced a new 8-minute mode, to allow users extra time to place Bugs while using Cloud Correlation to pinpoint locate leaks.

Just press Start

From now on, to start any sort of sampling session you just press the Start button

It’s exactly the same as the old Logger button. But the word Start makes more sense.

We have also renamed the old logger mode as BUG MODE because our Bugs are so much more than loggers.

Don’t forget your Bugs

Every time you update your FIDO app you must update the firmware on your FIDO Bugs as well.

This guarantees you get the immediate benefit of all new functionality as well as any important software upgrades.

It’s easy to do. Navigate to the menu and select Firmware Update DFU. The app will automatically update all the Bugs in range

Get the User Guide

Our comprehensive guide to everything you wanted to know about the FIDO app but were afraid to ask!

Keep an eye on our Knowledge Base for even more guides soon.

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