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Release of update to FIDOBug smartphone app v1.0.0

  • ALL NEW! Dig Direction
  • Plus accurate leak location for multi-material pipes
  • And continuous multi-night data sampling
  • Read all about the new features available in FIDOBug app v1.0.0 and download our user guide.

FIDO AI continues its world-first advances in water leak detection for any network with the release of its latest update to its FIDOBug app for Android™️, iPhone and iPad.

The FIDOBug app is the simple in-field tool for users to communicate with their smart FIDO Bug sensors, upload data to FIDO AI , and receive super-fast results on leaks, their size and exact location.

The update to FIDOBug app version v1.0.0 brings with it no fewer than three brand new advances tools in the field of water leak detection, location and and monitoring.


  • Dig Direction
  • Multi-material correlation
  • Continuous (multi-night) sampling
  • Up to 10x faster data transfer speeds (depending on user’s phone connectivity)
  • Improved usability

NEW! Dig Direction

A brand new service to prevent dry digs being abandoned unnecessarily by pinpointing a leak which falls just beyond the excavated area.

Ideal for non-technical repair teams who are not familiar with traditional leak detection technology, because there’s no special training or calibration required.

Simply use a single FIDO Bug device to take two on-pipe samples from within the hole and FIDO AI will tell you which way to dig.

NEW! Leak location in complex pipe materials

An added feature for technicians tasked with marking up dig locations in pipes made up of multiple materials.

Now you can easily add the length and diameter of up to three separate pipe materials in a single correlation sample, vastly reducing sampling times and further improving location accuracy in complex networks.

NEW! Continuous leak monitoring

Improve water loss monitoring and better plan repair activities with AI insight into medium-term leak behaviour.

With our new continuous sampling mode, the FIDO Bugs sample and retain data over multiple consecutive nights so you spot leaks as they happen or maintain a watching-brief for subtle changes which indicate an imminent larger failure.

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