Detect, locate and prevent leaks on an area scale

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Benefits of FIDO Sweep

FIDO Sweep delivers all the benefits of FIDO AI at an area scale, plus accurate on-site leak location to under a metre.

No loggers? No problem

A FIDO Sweep subscription includes our own easy-to-use hardware to complement and extend your existing acoustic logging capability – or give you a no-CAPEX way to build an acoustic sampling capability from scratch.

Go straight-to-dig

With their enhanced sampling, you can use FIDO Bugs to exactly locate leaks in the field using FIDO Cloud Correlation. Unlike traditional edge devices, Bugs need no special training and never need calibrating. Works just as well on plastic or even on pipes of multiple materials.

Improve resource efficiency

FIDO AI’s incredible accuracy and world-first ability to assess leak size, means engineers go to the leaks that matter first time, every time – reducing abortive visits, dry digs and water loss all at once.

Better NRW performance

Unlike most sensors, FIDO Bugs sample data regularly and don’t rely on thresholds. This means leaks are detected earlier in their lifecycle so you can identify and resolve leaks other sensors might not – cutting leak run-time and non-revenue water.

Add certainty to investment decisions

FIDO AI gathers available information about a leak under a unique FIDO ID. This unique repository of network-specific data gives you unrivalled real-time visibility of company, team and individual performance for reliable reporting and certainty in investment decisions.