Top sounding

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Top sounding

A trio of FIDO Bugs work together wirelessly to provide the final point of evidence to help localise a leak’s location.

For speed and ease of use, this mode is designed as a simple visual output to the FIDO smartphone app without the need for internet upload and download.

As a top sounder, the FIDO Bug is simplicity itself and it works for all pipe materials, including PE.

The data is analysed on collection by FIDO AI and leak probability results are synthesised at speed direct to the water technician’s phone via the FIDO smartphone app.

How is it used?

Three FIDO Bugs are placed in holders on the ground in a line near the leak. The trio work together to triangulate the leak location.

The FIDO holders act as a tripod giving stability and points of contact when the devices are laid on the ground.

A photo of the Fido Tech acoustic sampler holder

Additional features in top sounding mode

  • Easy and quick to deploy
    Just place the FIDO Bugs in the holders and put them on the ground
  • Simple visual presentation
    Direct to the user’s smartphone without internet upload/download


How effective is the top sounding function on plastic water pipes?

Our FIDO Bugs and FIDO AI analysis have been designed to work on all pipe types. Our analysis is just as accurate on plastic pipes as it is on other standard UK pipe materials such as cast iron or asbestos cement.

Is the top sounding function the same as using a leak correlator?

No. It is more analogous to using ground microphones for leak detection. The three FIDO Bugs, when used simultaneously, use comparative readings to point the technician in the direction from which the leak noise is coming.

What length of a water pipe can be covered using FIDO top sounding mode?

The top sounding function is designed to be used iteratively over short distances to track leak location to under a metre. It is usually carried out after other processes have already identified and narrowed down the leak to under a few metres. Top sounding provides the final point of evidence to raise a confident dig order in a specific 1m dig area.