Listening Stick

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Listening stick

Used with a listening stick, FIDO Bugs replace the subjectivity and inaccuracy of human auditory analysis with the instant, objective analysis of FIDO AI to generate points of evidence.

The listening stick is still the technician’s equipment of choice the world over. FIDO’s patented version includes a head replacement that finds leaks accurately so it’s easy to adopt.

As a listening stick, a single FIDO Bug can also narrow down the sound frequency of a leak to enhance the effectiveness of your existing correlators.

How is it used?

Needs a FIDO patented replacement headpiece which can be attached to a listening stick in the engineer’s existing toolkit.

The FIDO Bug is inserted into the headpiece and connected wirelessly to the FIDO smartphone app.

A photo of the Fido Tech Listening Stick being used in a street

Additional features in listening stick mode

  • All the existing benefits of a traditional listening stick
    Familiar, easy to use and trusted the world over
  • Resistant to wind and traffic noise
    Unlike humans, FIDO AI is unfazed by extraneous noise
  • Built-in drop protection
    Built to withstand the rigours of the operational environment
  • No geographic or topographical restrictions
    Can be used anywhere a traditional listening stick can
  • Ergonomically-designed head
    For ease of use with gloves


How does FIDO’s listening stick differ from traditional listening sticks?

At FIDO, we understand that the listening stick is often a leak technician’s best friend in the field. Their versatility and speed of use mean a listening stick is still the go-to piece of equipment when hunting for points of evidence for a leak.

The FIDO listening stick function allows a leak technician to replace the subjectivity of the human ear with the 92% accuracy of FIDO AI. The versatility and speed of traditional listening sticks remains the same, but the difficulty of listening for leaks hidden behind background noise is removed. The problems caused by the inability of the human ear to hear low frequency leak signatures is eliminated.

How effective is FIDO listening stick when there is background noise?

FIDO Bugs work using the FIDO AI algorithm. This algorithm has been specifically trained to ignore background noise such as electrical generators, traffic noise and pressure management valves. Because the AI listens only for leak signatures you can be confident that your FIDO Bug is only going to find the sounds that count, whether it’s used in listening stick mode or any other mode.

How accurate are leak detection results with FIDO listening stick?

As long as the FIDO Bugs are within range of a vibrational signature generated from the leak, the power of FIDO AI provides accuracy of 92%. It is the FIDO AI that is producing the results. The mode the FIDO Bug is operating in does not affect results.

The ‘listening’ range of any acoustic device is affected by a number of factors such as leak size and pipe material. However, FIDO Bugs are designed for industry-leading sensitivity, the range is significant.