Leak repair tool

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Leak repair tool

In leak repair tool function, FIDO Bugs tell dig gangs which way to expand a dry hole to find a water leak.

Two FIDO Bugs work wirelessly with the FIDO smartphone app as coordinated leak noise detectors to generate points of evidence and proof of leak resolution.

When the repair is complete, they can be used again to prove the original leak ‘signature’ has gone and that there are no additional leaks.

The ability to do this in real-time using FIDO AI via the FIDO app has the potential to save countless hours of admin and duplication in the office and on site.

How is it used?

Two devices are placed directly on an exposed pipe in a ‘dry dig’ which quickly tell the dig gang which way to expand their trench to find the leak they are looking for.

The process is repeated after repair to verify there are no remaining leak ‘signatures’.

A photo of Fido Tech's leak repair in progress

Additional features in leak repair mode

  • Easy and quick to deploy
    Attach the FIDO Bugs to any metal pipe using the built-in magnet. A specially-designed FIDO holder allows secure contact to plastic pipes.
  • Multiple pipe contact points to allow lateral and radial sampling
    The holders provide perfect points of contact for FIDO Bug’s tri-axial sensors


How are the water leakage points of interest reported by FIDO for audit purposes?

The minute FIDO AI investigates a file, it gives it a unique ID code number. Any subsequent data collected by FIDO Bugs in relation to that leak is automatically associated with the ID. Other data inputs, such as dig and investigation reports from contractors, can also be linked right up to the point the repair technician takes a final reading with a FIDO Bug in leak repair mode. If this confirms that the leak’s data signature is no longer present it closes the loop on the leak’s audit trail from first detection up to completion.

What are the functions that support an audit of the end-to-end process?

The FIDO end-to-end reporting and audit process uses all aspects of FIDO AI analysis and FIDO Bug data collection to provide audit data. We also integrate other sources of data such as flow data, pressure data and dig/repair data to show a comprehensive ‘life-cycle’ of the leak from first detection through to repair.