Acoustic sampling

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Acoustic sampling

As well as being deployed in multiples as part of the FIDO Sweep process, FIDO Bugs can be use singly as acoustic samplers.

As an acoustic sampler, a single FIDO Bug is left on any customer or supply side asset overnight and will record audio and vibration data at user-defined durations and intervals.

The data is analysed on collection by FIDO AI and leak probability results synthesised at speed direct to the water technician’s phone via the FIDO smartphone app.

Because FIDO Bugs do not rely on an alarm threshold before taking readings, leaks can be detected earlier in their lifecycle.

How is it used?

A FIDO Bug is connected to the FIDO smartphone app by Bluetooth, configured to the required settings and attached magnetically to an asset to operate unattended.

A special holder is available which allows the FIDO Bug to be attached to plastic fittings.

Magnetic FIDO Bug attached to a hydrant

Additional features in sampler mode

  • Time series analysis of all data, not reliant on arbitrary alarm thresholds
    You define the duration of sample recordings and the interval between them
  • Avoids need for night leakage investigation
    FIDO AI is oblivious to extraneous noise. No need to sample when it’s quiet
  • Simple secure fitting, deployed in seconds
    FIDO Bug attaches with a built-in magnet that doesn’t interfere with audio reception
  • No service interruption
    Attaches to any existing asset with no operational adjustment
  • Records the same vibration information as a fixed sensor
    And more. Our FIDO Bugs record data in three directions rather than the single axis of many other sensor types


Can FIDO Bugs be left unattended to take overnight sampling?

Yes, when operating in acoustic sampler mode FIDO Bugs can be left on any network or customer-side asset (valve, hydrant, meter box etc.) either overnight (recording from 6pm-6am), for specified periods at any time of day, or longer periods. Whichever suits your process best. The FIDO app allows technicians to choose which recording length to use.

How do I get the water leak detection results?

Once a recording session is finished, the FIDO Bug is collected by the technician and results delivered to the FIDO app on their smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone then connects to the FIDO AI cloud through mobile data connection in order to run analysis. The results are then delivered directly to the technician’s smartphone for immediate action, typically in under 7 seconds.

Can FIDO Bugs be fitted onto Atplas boxes and water hydrants?

Yes. The magnetic FIDO Bug will attach to any metal asset containing iron or steel. There is a specially designed plastic holder for fitting onto Atplas boxes. If you have an asset type that is new to our FIDO Bugs, we can design and 3D print other suitably adapted holders and attachments that will allow for optimum vibration wave transfer.