One leak-finding device. Multiple applications

Ways to use FIDO Bug

Small, simple and incredibly versatile, FIDO Bugs are your on-site friend for applying FIDO AI in the field and enhancing your existing kit. Whatever your need, there’s a FIDO Bug mode to help you.

FIDO Bugs help field teams generate reliable points of evidence to add confidence to dig work orders, and can be used in many different ways.

FIDO Bug inserted into listening stick

Listening stick

In listening stick mode, a FIDO Bug is attached to the top of a traditional listening stick allowing direct audio analysis.

A photo of Fido Tech's top sounder equipment

Top sounding

Set to top sounder mode, three FIDO Bugs are placed on the ground to listen for and compare seismic (infrasonic) activity between them.

Magnetic FIDO Bug attached to a hydrant

Acoustic sampling

In sampler mode, a single FIDO Bug is attached to a network asset to record audio files at set intervals over a set period.

A photo of Fido Tech's leak repair in progress

Leak repair tool

Two FIDO Bugs compare infrasonic signals on exposed pipework in a dry dig to locate the leak, then, once repaired, prove the leak signature is gone.