The many uses of FIDO Bugs

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More ways to use FIDO Bugs

FIDO Bugs are our mini-multi-function marvels that are so much more than just a sensor.

Because they take such high quality acoustic and kinetic samples, FIDO AI can extract even more insight from FIDO Bug data than most legacy loggers.

New functions are released every three months with each update of the FIDO mobile app.

Here’s a few to get you going. All are standard functions activated within the FIDO app.

1 Exact leak location

The quartz clock chip in every FIDO Bug means they can be used to locate leaks exactly. Simply tap any two Bugs together, drop them on the nearest assets either side of the leak, tap ‘correlate’ in your app and wait for location results down to 10cm accuracy. Even works on pipelines made of multiple sizes and diameters. Just input the details into the FIDO app, or let FIDO AI pull in the GIS data automatically so you don’t have to.

2 Leak monitoring and degradation

Use FIDO Bugs as semi-permanent sensors to spot leaks as they start or monitor smaller leaks for signs they’re getting worse. In multi-night (continuous) sampling mode, FIDO Bugs will store up to 14 days of continuous samples so FIDO AI can pick up the minute tell-tale changes that signify something important might be happening.

3 Dig Direction

Even repair teams can get in on the act. With FIDO Dig Direction, a dry dig need never be abandoned without finding a leak. Simply use a FIDO Bug to check for leak noise and it will tell you quickly which way to extend the trench and find the leak.

4 Repair confirmation

Use FIDO Bugs to verify the absence of a leak noise after repair and avoid the embarrassing and costly risk of backfilling the hole only to have to dig it up again days or weeks later (or even worse, after the roads department have just re-surfaced the road). Repeat leaks happen for lots of reasons. Drop two FIDO Bugs on assets either side of the repaired pipe to take overnight samples. FIDO AI will verify the leak has gone.

5 Check for private leaks

FIDO Bugs drop easily on any assets from hydrants to meters and stop taps. Leaks are all the same to FIDO AI, and the material doesn’t matter. If you’re responsible for customer side water loss too. It’s an invaluable aid and instant proof to show a customer that they have a problem. You could even use it on the stop tap under your sink. Can also be used to detect unusual usage.