Features of FIDO Sweep

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Features of FIDO Sweep

FIDO Sweep is our no-CAPEX way to create instant cutting-edge leak detection on any network because all the sensors you need are included as part of your monthly subscription. Also give you the ability to locate leaks exactly in the field using FIDO Cloud Correlation.

Using free FIDO Bugs as mini, mobile AI-enabled samplers, Sweep delivers FIDO’s >92% accurate leak/no leak results and leak size for a truly straight-to-dig technology.

  • Super accurate leak/no leak results with world-first leak size
    Accuracy is more than 92% and improving, sizing is 90% accurate and improving
  • Cloud Correlation
    Our AI-powered exact leak location is only available with FIDO Sweep 
  • Tri-axial sensor function
    FIDO Bugs record data in 3-planes rather than the single axis used by most sensors
  • Long battery life
    No need to re-charge. FIDO Bugs’ x2 0.5AA batteries last around 3 years in full operational use (about 144,000 individual samples), or more than eight years on stand-by
  • Minimal training
    Just activate a FIDO Bug on your smartphone and drop it magnetically onto any network or customer-side asset

*Average result return time 7 seconds

  • Immediate results to the FIDO app and as a network-wide heat map
    FIDO Bugs communicate via Bluetooth
  • No alarm threshold to meet
    FIDO Bugs sample continuously at client-set intervals and durations
  • Pressure, temperature and shock resistant
    Our FIDO Bugs are tested to withstand anything the water sector can throw at it
  • No calibration
    FIDO Bugs are one-time calibrated by us, so there’s no ongoing maintenance costs
  • Monthly subscription only No capex, just a monthly subscription fee per FIDO Bug