Features of FIDO Sweep

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Features of FIDO Sweep

FIDO Sweep is a no-CAPEX way to complement and extend your existing acoustic logging capability or even build an acoustic sampling capability from scratch.

Using low-cost FIDO Bugs as mini, mobile AI-enabled samplers, Sweep delivers FIDO’s 92% accurate leak/no leak probability, ranked by leak size, before you schedule an engineer.

As FIDO AI evolves new analytical functions they will be available as an add-on service.

  • Super accurate leak/no leak probability and size
    Probability is more than 92% and improving, sizing is 90% accurate and improving
  • Tri-axial sensor function
    FIDO Bugs record data in 3-planes rather than the single axis used by most sensors
  • Internal rechargeable battery
    Comes complete with a 12v and Qi chargers so can be full charged on the move
  • Minimal training
    Shake to wake then drop a magnetic FIDO Bug onto any hydrant, stop tap or onto plastic customer-side meters when used with a specially designed FIDO universal holder

*Average result return time 7 seconds

**Heatmap available on desktop only

  • Immediate results to the FIDO app* and as network-wide heat map**
  • No alarm threshold to meet
    FIDO Bugs sample continuously at client-set intervals and durations
  • Pressure, temperature and shock resistant
    Our FIDO Bugs are tested to withstand anything the water sector can throw at it
  • No calibration
    FIDO Bugs are one-time calibrated by us, so there’s no ongoing maintenance costs
  • Monthly subscription only No capex, just a monthly subscription fee per sensor on your network