Instant cutting-edge AI leak detection for non-sensor areas

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FIDO Sweep Benefits

Read some of the benefits of FIDO Sweep, our instant ready-to-go process for leak detection in areas not covered by permanent sensors. 

No loggers? No problem

FIDO Sweep brings instant mature leak detection to networks without sensors. Our AI was trained to identify leak signatures using verified data from some of the world’s most advanced and best-equipped water networks. It no longer needs external verification from meters and pressure management valves to detect leaks with 92 per cent accuracy. All it needs is any sound or vibration file. And FIDO Sweep gathers those itself.

Get ahead of leaks before they happen

FIDO Sweep brings the full power of mature leak detection to areas not covered by traditional sensors, and is fully mobile. One 24-hour sweep provides all the points of interest you need to detect the leakage profile of an area. But FIDO retains this information, providing a reference point for profiling network performance over time, providing invaluable information for future maintenance and capital spend.

Save more water by detecting leaks sooner

FIDO AI’s incredible accuracy at detecting the signatures left only by real leaks, means it doesn’t rely on recordings taken only at the quietest time of night.  FIDO Bugs take recordings up to every 15 minutes so they do not rely on alarm thresholds before taking readings. This means leaks can be detected earlier in their lifecycle so you can identify and resolve leaks other sensors might not.

Expand your acoustic sampling capability CAPEX-free

FIDO Sweep is designed to complement and extend your existing acoustic logging capability. It can even give you a no-CAPEX way to build an acoustic sampling capability from scratch. Sweep is a managed service product and is priced per sensor per month as part of a fixed term contract.  It gives you FIDO’s 92% accurate leak/no leak probability ranked by leak size before you schedule an engineer.

No time-consuming set-up or downtime

FIDO Sweep is available immediately with minimal deployment and upkeep. FIDO AI is wholly hosted and maintained by us, while FIDO Bugs are magnetic and require no special training to use. Additionally, they are robust, sealed units that don’t need ongoing calibration. We’re operational experts so they have been built to withstand the rigours of any operational environment