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FIDO Sweep

To get the most out of FIDO’s game-changing AI you need FIDO Sweep.

Sweep is a mobile end-to-end leak detection process that gathers its own data for super accurate analysis by our AI. No need for existing loggers or sensors.

Samples are gathered by multiple simple-to-use mini sensors called FIDO Bugs. There’s no CAPEX outlay because Bugs are included with your monthly FIDO Sweep subscription. 

Better yet, FIDO Sweep opens up advanced leak detection because our own-gathered data is more detailed than that recorded by most traditional equipment.  

3 steps to accurate leak detection


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Find the leaks that matter.

FIDO AI is the only technology with leak-sizing

FIDO Sweep

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No loggers? No problem.

FIDO Bugs provide more data than traditional sensors and unlock even more functionality

Leak Central

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Prevent leaks.

Build your leakage history and spot trends

FIDO Bugs in a box, lit up

How to use FIDO Sweep

First select any defined metered or non-metered area where flow data suggests leakage is high.

Next, drop multiple FIDO Bugs on to all the assets within the selected area using their built-in magnet. No special training is required.

FIDO Bugs can run overnight, or be left in-situ up to three years* thanks to their enhanced battery life and low power connectivity, using Bluetooth.

Data are collected whenever the technician is in Bluetooth range and uploaded to FIDO AI using their phone services.

Results on leak / no leak, leak size, plus leak degradation and frequency return in seconds for immediate in-field investigation. Multiple results can also be viewed as a heat map. 

* full operational use. Bugs can be left more than eight years in stand-by mode. 

Ready to use and easy to move

FIDO Sweep is a turnkey software solution to provide all the advantages of FIDO AI without wide scale investment in a permanent estate.

FIDO AI identifies leaks across the chosen zone and uses a combination of GIS data, asset identification number and FIDO Sweep IDs to produce a visual heat map of all leaks for further investigation and leak management.

Small, simple-to-use and very flexible, FIDO Bugs are a cost-effective alternative to traditional mobile acoustic sensors but with distinct advantages.  

Bugs don’t rely on an alarm threshold before taking readings, so leaks can be detected earlier in their lifecycle.

They are easily moved with no potentially disruptive access or installation issues. The data they sample are more granular allowing deeper analysis. And they can be used on site to assist with leak location.

Magnetic FIDO Bug attached to a hydrant


Is this the same as an acoustic sensor or logger?

No. FIDO Sweep is a complete end-to-end process, which incorporates small mobile sensor devices in place of traditional loggers. FIDO Bugs only use FIDO AI but there are some advantages over fixed loggers. For instance, they take samples regularly, rather than relying on an alarm, so that leaks can be found earlier. You can use them in other ways too, for instance on site, to help further locate the exact leak location.

Can FIDO Bugs be left in situ on a permanent or semi-permanent basis?

FIDO Bugs can be left in situ in full operational mode for up to three years without the need for a battery change. The duration and frequency of sampling is set by technicians using their FIDO smartphone app.

Does the function rely on network connectivity (i.e. 4/5G)?

FIDO Bugs use Bluetooth to upload samples to the smartphone app. Depending on availability, the smartphone itself may use WiFi or its own network data allowance to communicate with FIDO AI.