Next generation leakage performance with trend-spotting

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FIDO Leak Central benefits

Leak Central is FIDO’s AI-led end-to-end reporting tool with trend spotting which adds insight to decision making.

Make decisions based on certainty, not intuition

FIDO’s data intelligence is built on certainty. In other words, the absolute truth of actual verified leak data from the world’s most advanced water networks. Leak Central is much more than an aggregation of this data, it actively spots trends so you can take proactive action to plan resource, maintenance and long-term investment.

Better AI-driven outcomes

Leak Central is a single system which integrates both data and results and is platform agnostic. It captures implicit information which traditionally falls into the void between multiple proprietary systems and can be lost.  By making this data explicit, Leak Central treats each leak as an asset and uses its verified history to model potential future outcomes.

Take a step towards targeted leak prevention

Leak Central is built on the PALM leakage process: Prevention, Awareness, Locate, Mend. FIDO AI already detects leaks earlier in their lifecycle. Leak Central goes further. It spots the network-specific circumstances where leaks tend to occur. It moves the first point of human decision-making further along the process, and adding provable insight for leak Prevention.

Future-proof your leak detection process

FIDO Leak Central is at the vanguard of water leak detection systems and will evolve to stay at the forefront of innovation practice. We constantly develop new features and new applications for our AI to help solve the challenges the water sector is facing. With FIDO at your side you get access to the latest developments first.

Available instantly on any platform

Leak Central is fully deliverable onto any platform, and will soon be available as an app on Salesforce. It is available immediately with minimal deployment and upkeep. FIDO AI is your key to Leak Central. Both are available by subscription and completely hardware agnostic. It is hosted in the Cloud and maintained by us, so there is no additional hardware or software required.