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FIDO Leak Central

What if you could take everything you knew about leaks and use it to get reliably better outcomes for your network and your customers? With Leak Central, you can.

Leak Central is FIDO AI’s platform agnostic, deep learning interpretative tool which models leakage outcomes based on actual verified data from your network. Delivers best outcomes, real time management and efficiency reporting, plus accurate end-to-end regulatory and audit data.

As well as providing unbeatable detail on leakage performance, Leak Central gives unparalleled insight into the potential impact of decisions on that performance.

Turning fallible implicit knowledge into accurate explicit data. And all at a speed and accuracy that is unmatchable by humans.

3 steps to accurate leak detection


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Find the leaks that matter.

FIDO AI is the only technology with leak-sizing

FIDO Sweep

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No loggers? No problem.

FIDO Bugs provide more data than traditional sensors and unlock even more functionality 

Leak Central

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Prevent leaks.

Build your leakage history and spot trends

The FIDO Leak Central dashboard

NextGen performance reporting with trend-spotting

Leak Central is a next-generation AI application for water leak performance reporting and prediction.

It codifies the most repetitive, time-consuming leak detection processes, freeing your experienced team for more complex tasks, while delivering reliable, accurate results at scale and speed.

Leak Central captures all the FIDO real-time analysis and workflow information about individual leaks, and links it to other related data held in multiple separate third-party systems, so you don’t have to.

As an audit tool, it provides unrivalled reliable and consistent audit data for end-to-end performance reporting.

But Leak Central is more than a huge interrogable knowledge base. FIDO AI’s deep learning algorithm creates linkages between this wealth of data to identify trends. This allows you to add accurate AI insight to your decision-making for better future outcomes.

How Leak Central works

At the heart of Leak Central is the unique ID that FIDO gives every acoustic or kinetic file it analyses.

In this way, rather than treating leaks as transient events, FIDO deals with each as an individual entity: an asset, with its own set of complex characteristics and influences.

FIDO AI also gathers data from disparate systems to build a complete picture of all the factors affecting and being affected by that leak.

Apply that to multiple assets over a period of time, and FIDO amasses detailed knowledge of your network. It starts to makes multi-layered associations and connections.

Leak Central builds on the type of decision-making an experienced leakage analyst might follow. We know this, because worked with leak analysts on one of the world’s most advanced water networks to create it.

But Leak Central goes several steps further. It can make associations based on a level of data and complexity which would be a struggle for humans to anticipate. In this way, it delivers enhanced predictions which are staggeringly accurate.

Sample record showing all post fix data for a single leak


How do I get Leak Central on my network?

To use Leak Central, you must have a subscription to FIDO AI and an additional subscription to the Leak Central service. To maximise the value of Leak Central, you may also benefit from FIDO Sweep to gather even more data. FIDO Sweep uses sensitive FIDO Bugs to gather more granular data about leaks. Unlike traditional fixed sensors, FIDO Bugs sample data regularly and do not rely on alarm thresholds to trigger a recording.

How soon after onboarding will I see results?

For best results, we advise running FIDO AI on your network for some time before using Leak Central’s trend-spotting function. This will allow FIDO time to gather adequate network-specific information. Our team will work with you on this. An additional FIDO Sweep subscription will speed up this process as it gathers data more regularly than traditional fixed sensors and can be moved easily between network areas for maximum benefit.

When will Leak Central be available?

Leak Central is available now on the FIDO platform. Speak to your FIDO representative.