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Is FIDO for you?

Our simple low-budget online plans are designed for small teams, or people who have never used FIDO before.

They give you the power of FIDO AI to find leaks, their size and their exact location instantly on any network using the latest acoustic technology.

There’s no customer interruption, digging or insertion into the pipe. Just drop a FIDO Bug onto any available network asset.

How many Bugs do I need?

You only need two Bugs to find a leak, tell its size and calculate its exact location. But more Bugs and more users make the process even faster and more productive.

You can leave some Bugs in place for monitoring. Or use all your Bugs at once and build a leak heat map.

With multiple users, you can work on multiple leaks simultaneously and cover a wider area.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I sign-up?

We’ll send you a confirmation email requesting the details of all the people who will be your licensed app users, as well as who should be sent the log-in details for your unique data report. FIDO Bugs are usually despatched within two working days of receiving your delivery address. Each app user will then be sent a unique activation code for the app. That way, when your Bugs arrive, they’ll be ready to go straight away.

What shipping options do you offer?

International shipping

We ship worldwide using a range of reputable couriers offering both economy and express options. We can not accept responsibility for published delivery times, as these are outside our control. However, you can find our couriers’ published estimated delivery times here for information.

Does my subscription start immediately?

Your subscription will start from the moment we despatch your Bugs or generate your user activation code(s) but the clock won’t start ticking on your 12 months of usage until we get confirmation from our courier that your Bugs have been delivered.

Can I receive a business invoice?

Yes. The invoice details will be automatically included in the confirmation email you get when you make a payment.

Can I buy FIDO in my local currency?

Unfortunately, at the moment we can only display prices and accept payments in US dollars (USD). However, the payment will appear on your bank account in your local currency depending on the exchange rate operable at the moment of payment.

If you would like an estimate of the cost in your local currency, we suggest you request a comparison from a reputable provider. Many are available on the internet.

What equipment do I need?

The beauty of a FIDO online plan is that you don’t need any existing smart leakage capability. It’s all included. So, there’s no need for DMAs, existing loggers, flow meters, correlators or ground microphones.

All you need is your own smartphone with Bluetooth and a mobile data contract or WiFi. One per user.

What about training and support?

The FIDO system is very intuitive and needs no special training. In fact, we’re confident you’ll be an expert in no time with our online training materials and resources. Or contact our support team on support@fido.tech.

Are there any usage limits?

Nope. You can use FIDO AI as much as you like for the duration of your contract. There are no monthly data limits.

What happens when the subscription ends?

We don’t keep your credit card details so it won’t auto-renew. We will send reminders to the email address supplied at the time of purchase one month and one week before it ends, to see if you would like to sign up for a new term.

Can I change my mind after purchase?

You may cancel before your activation codes have been generated or your Bugs have been despatched but please note that this normally happens within two working days. After this time, we regret, no refund is possible.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

You can download our full Terms and Conditions here: