Find the minority of leaks losing the majority of water

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FIDO Leak-sizing

Knowing a leak’s size means you can focus resources on the relatively small number of leaks that are losing the most water and cut their run-time faster.

This sort of invaluable insight is the smart way to tackle the global issue of non-revenue water and reach net zero. And it’s something no human could ever do.

FIDO’s powerful leak detection AI is the world’s only technology able to tell a leak’s size from pure acoustic or kinetic analysis alone. You don’t need to use anything else and it works just as well on plastic pipes.

Halve your leak run-time

Leak-sizing works by applying deep-learning principles to the raw data in sensor files. It has helped some UK clients cut their leak run-time in half.

First, FIDO decides if there is a leak to more than 92% accuracy. Then, it calculates leak size. Finally, it ranks leaks as large, medium or small.

Leak size results are delivered instantly to a smartphone app or, as part of an area sweep, as a heatmap.

Leak size results are delivered instantly to the FIDO mobile app or, using FIDO Sweep, as an area wide heatmap.

Any network, anywhere

FIDO AI was trained on verified data from one of the world’s most advanced water networks. So, it no longer needs external confirmation of its results.

There’s no need for flow data, metered areas, or existing acoustic sensors. With FIDO Sweep, we supply all the hardware. Our multi-function FIDO Bugs come as part of the service.

FIDO AI is sensor agnostic. This means it will analyse all your legacy equipment too. Any acoustic or kinetic file will do.

So, as long as you have FIDO AI on your network, you can have leak sizing.

FIDO Bugs in a box, lit up

“Leak-sizing has never been done before. It gives leak teams that missing piece of the puzzle so they save more time, resource and, most importantly of all, water.”

Victoria Edwards, FIDO CEO


Do FIDO Bugs work well on low pressure water systems?

Our hardware is designed to work on all network and asset types, anywhere in the world. This means that it will accurately record leak signatures on low pressure as well as high pressure systems.

When introducing our hardware into new regions or onto new network types, we collaborate closely with clients for an initial period of usually one to two weeks in order to collect calibration data for FIDO AI.

Are the FIDO Bugs hygienic and waterproof?

Yes. All FIDO Tech hardware solutions are tested and approved by UK water hygiene standards before we release them for general use. They are shock and temperature resistant, and pressure tested to 10bar. Their tough, smooth, sealed polycarbonate shell can be cleaned with Chloros products. For regions outside of the UK, please contact us to make sure that these hygiene ratings are transferable to your region. If required, we are happy to discuss gaining approval in your region.

What is the largest diameter water pipe size that FIDO Bugs can be used with?

FIDO Bugs can ‘hear’ leak signatures on pipes of all diameters. As with all equipment relying on vibrational data, larger diameter pipes may affect the detection range. However, Bugs are hypersensitive and are affected less by increasing pipe diameters than other equipment may be.