FIDO listens so you don’t have to. The deep-learning answer to time-consuming audio data.

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Network analyst

Detecting leaks is important but, like pressure management, it’s just one technique among many used by network analysts to drive down water loss from distribution systems.

For analysts, smart sensors have been both a technical blessing and an added workload. Downloading overnight sensor alarms, including false positives, makes time-consuming human analysis essential.

But, however expert, people are not machines and they can’t be right every time, leaving a margin of error which can be as de-motivating as it is frustrating.

That’s where FIDO AI comes in. Our technology analyses 1,000s of files an hour giving leak/no leak decisions which are more than 92% accurate. And it gives leak size so you always know you’re sending a technician to the leaks that matter.

A photo of a water manhole cover in the ground.

Automatic. Instant. Effective

FIDO saves time on multiple fronts. Files from any source are downloaded and analysed automatically and, unlike the human ear, FIDO is completely unfazed by extraneous noise or vibrations like generators, pressure management valves or high consumer usage.

Results are displayed as a heatmap so you instantly get the full picture of how any network area is performing. Or, you can drill down into the detail of each leak’s history and progress. FIDO gathers all the information it learns about a leak from first file to final fix, so you always have accurate data at your fingertips.

And the FIDO magic continues out on site. Technicians can use our mobile mini sensors called FIDO Bugs in multiple ways to locate leaks to within a metre. One of the cleverest is to identify the right FFT to improve the use of correlators. Way to go FIDO.


Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

The benefits to your organisation

No more laborious listening

Free-up more team time for other essential tasks

FIDO AI analyses all the files so you’re free to do the clever work of managing the network. FIDO automatically downloads and analyses files from your sensor estate at a rate of thousands every minute and is 92% accurate. It never gets tired, distracted or pressured. It is a machine, after all.

Act faster, with more confidence

Replace instinct with certainty and boost productivity

FIDO increases the speed and accuracy of decisions in the office and in the field. Our AI quickly spots the real leaks and tells you the size; eliminating false positives, freeing up time for other leakage management tasks and allowing you to schedule your field team more effectively.

Built around your team

Minimal deployment and low upkeep

Every FIDO solution is built around client need, based on your existing hardware, the functionality you want and the way you want the results displayed. It’s really up to you. Hardware agnostic, instant set-up and no integration, FIDO AI works with any file and is accessed via the web or within your existing platforms via an interface.

Evidence-backed results

Use FIDO audit reports to prove results and drive performance

The moment FIDO analyses a file, it applies a unique ID code so you can track leak detection right through to leak resolution. FIDO helps provide an auditable data trail for use with performance management or end-to-end reporting to authorities, clients and regulators.

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