The technician’s best friend. All the leak tech you need in one small device.

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Leakage technician

More innovation, more training, more kit. It seems with every technological advancement another piece of essential hardware clamours for space in an engineer’s toolkit.

But when it comes to leakage detection, even with the benefit of acoustic sensors, nailing leak position clearly enough to raise a dig order comes down to old-fashioned hard work and experience. And, more often than not, a listening stick.

Here at FIDO, we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Working hand-in-hand with leakage technicians we’ve brought the humble listening stick into the 21st century.

Water leak spray

It. Simply. Works

Our listening stick is powered by a tiny device called a FIDO Bug. Inserted into the listening stick head, FIDO Bugs connect to our AI through an app on your smartphone.

Used as a listening stick, a FIDO Bug helps narrow down leak position to under a metre. You can also attach a Bug to any asset where it acts as an overnight acoustic sampler. Or, use it during and after repair to gather more AI-powered evidence of leak position and resolution.

Our FIDO Bugs work with any of your existing sensors and correlators or as a complete toolkit in their own right to help take you to within a metre of a leak.


Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

The benefits to your organisation

One device, many functions

Objective actionable results in seconds

Tiny FIDO Bugs can be used many ways; as a listening stick, acoustic sampler, top sounder and audit tool, typically returning objective results in under 7 seconds. They’re shock, temperature and pressure resistant with three years’ battery life in full operational use. Just select the mode in your smartphone app and you’re on your way to quick actionable results.

Better customer experience

No access or service issues

Our FIDO Bug devices were designed with water engineers for water engineers, so they’re eminently practical. Access is not an issue. They are magnetised and attach easily to any accessible network or customer side asset. So, you can leave them there with no time-consuming or disruptive highway orders. Great news for consumers and commuters.

Boost your transferable skills

Delve into the data to learn what makes leaks tick

FIDO AI provides more data direct to technicians on site, which you can use as you wish. Or not. The power is in your hands. Some users tell us the new knowledge expands their knowhow and increases their transferable skills, making them more effective and empowered than ever. Using a FIDO Bug to narrow down leak frequency helps improve the use of correlators too.

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