Finding leaks just got easier. Save team time, save water, one leak at a time.

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Leakage manager

What if you had more loggers? What if your team had more time for network optimisation instead of chasing false alarms? What if you had better data and could stop more NRW?

FIDO AI gives you all that, and more. First, you don’t need more loggers. FIDO gathers its own data with no need for CAPEX investment. It also works with all your legacy estate delivering a return for you on that too.

Fast and more than 92% accurate, with FIDO there’s no need for time-consuming human analysis of acoustic alarms any more. Your team can concentrate on more complex tasks and let FIDO schedule the follow-ups.

Reporting? FIDO tracks leaks from first alarm to final fix, building a repository of verified evidence for certainty in performance reporting and, crucially, investment decisions.

Best of all, FIDO is the world’s only technology with leak-sizing so you prioritise the leaks losing the most water and cut their run time.

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Objective. Accurate. Productive

FIDO AI was developed to replace human error at key weak points in the leak detection process with the certainty of machine learning.

Currently your analysts are manually hunting the one in six* leak alarms that signifies a real leak. Humans can only analyse files at a rate of 12 files an hour. So, that’s a lot of time listening to false positives when they could be using their expert skills to manage the network.

And they are only getting it right about 60 per cent of the time.

But FIDO finds the real leaks among thousands of files an hour with more than 92% accuracy. What’s more it can tell leak size. That’s something no human can ever do.

With FIDO, you prioritise team resources in the office and in the field, improving productivity at the same time as boosting performance.

* From FIDO aggregated results


Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

The benefits to your organisation

Get to the biggest leaks, first

Don’t get in the van until FIDO says GO

FIDO automatically analyses files to give immediate leak/no leak results and leak size, saving analysts time for other leak management work and getting technicians straight to the leaks that make the most impact – those losing the most water

Improve all-round performance

Boost productivity, not the size of your team

FIDO works with the processes and people you’ve got, but increases the speed and accuracy of decisions so you do more with the same resource. The key is weeding out the false positives and human error which cause wasted site visits and dry holes.

Totally CAPEX-free

Minimal deployment and low upkeep

FIDO AI gathers its own acoustic data so no need for CAPEX investment in sensors. Our technology is software-as-a-service by monthly subscription. And it is hardware agnostic so it works with all your legacy kit, helping increase your RoI on that too.

Smarter scheduling and reporting

At a glance mapping to plan resource

FIDO delivers its leak/no leak and leak size results as a heat map so your team can see the points of interest within a specific area at a glance and modify work schedules to match. FIDO also tracks leak progress, compiling unparalleled data for reporting.

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