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Benefits of FIDO AI

FIDO AI accurately detects water leaks and is the only technology to give you leak size. It helps you free-up and prioritise more resource to better meet water loss objectives and reduce non-revenue water.

Cut water loss

FIDO cuts water loss by helping you prioritise the largest leaks and cutting the time between first alarm and final repair. Our clever algorithm automatically analyses thousands of files a second, correctly identifying the biggest leaks so you can schedule technical visits to match. No other technology can do this.

Do more with the same resource

FIDO reduces time and error in the leak detection process, so teams work more effectively. Less than a third of all leak alarms are real leaks and humans analyse just 12 sound files an hour. By identifying real leaks to >92 per cent accuracy, FIDO frees people for more complex tasks where they are more valuable. Don’t put an engineer in a van until FIDO says ‘go’.

Be an innovation leader

FIDO raises any network to the level of the best and is hardware agnostic, so it works with all your legacy equipment to deliver return on previous investment too. Fully supported by our dedicated software scientists and engineers, FIDO is past- and future-proof. Its functionality expands as we respond to the challenges our clients need answers for.

No costly set-up or time-consuming downtime

The FIDO solution is data-as-a-service (DaaS) so it is available immediately with minimal deployment and upkeep. There’s little impact on your digital team because the software is wholly hosted and maintained by us. FIDO outputs need no special training and we’ve got your team’s skills covered for the FIDO hardware too. Our FIDO training is EUSR approved.

Comfortably demonstrate smarter water loss performance

FIDO tracks your leakage activities from the first file it receives all the way to final fix, and gives you quality management information about your improved performance at your fingertips. FIDO provides reliable, consistent audit data for end-to-end reporting to authorities, clients, customers and regulators.

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