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Features of FIDO AI

FIDO’s deep-learning algorithm is >92% accurate (and increasing daily), fully hardware agnostic and compliant with industry data sharing protocols.

Trained using a growing library of over 2.4 million samples, FIDO is already hundreds of times faster than humans at identifying real leaks and improves as it learns.

Analytical Functions

Over time, FIDO AI evolves as new analytical functions are added in response to client demand.

  • Leak / no leak decisions to >92% accuracy
    Accuracy continuously improves as FIDO gathers and verifies files
  • Easy to use cloud-based platform
    FIDO software is securely and wholly hosted by us and delivered via FIDO’s web-based dashboard
  • Live and operational 24/7
    Fully supported via the FIDO app and dedicated helpline
  • Sensor agnostic
    Works on all your legacy estate too
  • Leak sizing
    The world’s only technology which gives you the size of your leaks
  • Unique leak library
    FIDO’s library of 2.4m+ in-pipe and above ground leak signatures expands rapidly as more clients use our AI
  • Fully scalable with instant deployment
    FIDO is data-as-a-service (Daas) and ready for instant use
  • Monthly subscription only
    No capex, just a monthly subscription fee per sensor on your network