Non-revenue water is a global problem. Its impact is financial, reputational and environmental.

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Network director

Technology is transforming water company operations. Extensive investment in monitoring and sensors has given organisations more information than ever about the way their networks are performing. 

But translating this deluge of data into continuous performance improvement is getting harder just as the environmental, social and financial stakes are getting higher.

When it comes to managing water loss, differing global imperatives and investment levels have led to a complex mix of technologies and systems, sometimes even within the same organisation.

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Unify. Streamline. Improve

The current approach to leak detection is less than perfect. There are many visits that result in leaks not found. Nearly one in 20 leak repairs find nothing but a dry hole.

There is a better way to enhance and prove your non-revenue water performance to stakeholders whether it’s board members, investors, clients, authority bodies or consumers.

FIDO AI helps to unify your detection response and streamlines your entire leakage process with exceptional results.


Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

The benefits to your organisation

Provably better performance

Meet your water loss objectives

Keep customers, regulators and investors happy. FIDO streamlines your entire leak detection process to identify your largest leaks, cut their run time and demonstrably reduce water loss. With auditable reporting at your fingertips so you deliver the evidence to your stakeholders when you need to.

More productive, motivated teams

Make existing assets and resources work smarter

FIDO works with the processes and people you’ve got, but increases the speed and accuracy of decisions so you can do more with the same resource. Our AI spots false positives, delivers clear leak probability and ranks leaks by size so you can prioritise resource and make your workforce more productive.

Cost-effective and future-proof

Minimal deployment and low upkeep

Hardware agnostic, instant set-up and no integration, FIDO AI works with any hardware and is accessed via the web or a REST interface within your own platforms. Fully secure, its upkeep and functionality are guaranteed. We regularly release new functionality as our research lab solves more client challenges.

Get return on previous investment

Make data work for you

Many companies have invested heavily in a sensor estate but are struggling to show a return due to the sheer amount of data and the resource needed to process it manually. Integrated with your strategic leakage process, FIDO can help demonstrate return on your previous investment as well as informing future decisions.