Finding leaks just got easier. Save team time, save water, one leak at a time.

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Leakage manager

As the imperative of climate change grips governments, shareholders and consumers, the pressure to stem the loss of drinking water from distribution networks is growing.

But despite water providers’ enthusiastic embrace of detection technology, locating the actual source of a water leak quickly and accurately remains stubbornly hard.

The acoustic sensor is the go-to proven technology for raising the alarm when leaks occur. But even for networks well-covered by sensors, their files need time-consuming manual sifting for already hard-pressed teams. And you still have to find the leak.

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Objective. Accurate. Productive

FIDO AI was developed to replace the inconsistencies present in even the most experienced human analysis with the certainty of machine learning.

FIDO’s deep-learning algorithm is so uniquely-attuned to the data signatures left only by real leaks that it is 92% accurate and improving with every file it analyses. What takes an experienced analyst hours takes FIDO a few seconds.

What’s more FIDO tells you the size of the leak with increasing accuracy, so you can prioritise team resources in the office and in the field, improving productivity at the same time as boosting performance.


Files analysed per hour


Accuracy, and improving


Samples processed


Years of AI, scientific and operational know how

The benefits to your organisation

Get to the biggest leaks, first

Don’t get in the van until FIDO says GO

FIDO automatically analyses files to give immediate leak size and location between the two nearest assets, typically less than <100m, saving analysts time for other leak management work and getting technicians straight to the leaks that make the most impact. Our AI uses any file to generate reliable points of interest for field teams.

Improve all-round performance

Boost productivity, not the size of your team

FIDO works with the processes and people you’ve got, but increases the speed and accuracy of decisions so you do more with the same resource. The key is weeding out the false positives and human error which cause wasted site visits and dry holes. FIDO is 92% accurate.

Get started straight away

Minimal deployment and low upkeep

The FIDO solution is available immediately with minimal deployment and upkeep. FIDO outputs need no special training to understand and we’ve got your training needs covered for the FIDO hardware too. FIDO provides EUSR approved training and support.

Aid smarter scheduling

At a glance mapping to plan resource

FIDO reports are designed around your team needs, depending on your priorities. If resource planning is important, FIDO can overlay geo mapping into your reports so your teams clearly see, at a glance, the points of interest within a specific area and modify your team schedules to match.

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