WWT London 21-22 February

By 21/02/2023 - 22/02/2023

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The team will be back in London for World Water-Tech 2023.  
More details of our involvement coming soon.

More about FIDO AI

Consumption Profiling mode can be used to quickly show when a customer is using water without the need for costly time-consuming flow meter installation. It is helpful in identifying unexpected night-time industrial usage.  CP uses FIDO to accurately analyse pipe noise to track when water is being used. 

It can also be used for revenue protection to detect non-leakage NRW in unmetered vacant properties and re-coup the cost through billing.

Consumption profiling is delivered by FIDO AI using a FIDO Bug dropped onto a customer’s live service installation at any accessible fitting. No digging or insertion required.

Download the user guide here: