World Water Week, August 23 – September 1

By 23/08/2022 - 01/09/2022

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World of Watercraft: Is gamification the answer to community agency in water?

This talk show was originally broadcast live from Stockholm on September 1, 2022 as part of World Water Week.

Three panellists discuss if gamification can galvanise communities to improve water resilience where regulation, markets, pressure groups and corporate ESG have failed.  

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August 23, 2.30pm BST: Water Punks

FIDO CEO Victoria Edwards will join disruptor Will Sarni of the Colorado River Basin Fund and Cody Friesen of SOURCE for this live online breakout event, which is part of the Leveraging Investments and ESG Frameworks to Build Water Resilience session hosted by Morningstar Sustainalytics.

August 28, 3pm BST: Zero Discharge Cities

Victoria will join the discussion by the National Mission for Clean Ganga whose flagship program to restore the pristine glory of the Ganga river basin includes strengthening the connection between people and the river and moving to a circular water economy .

September 1, 2pm BST: World of Watercraft: Is gamification the answer to community agency? 

Panel talk show to discuss whether this gamification could transform the water industry by galvanising the latent power of front-line communities and turning them into an educated active resource to finally help swing the pendulum on Day Zero.

Hosted by journalist Tom Freyberg of The Stream podcast with panellists Victoria Edwards of FIDO Tech and Callie Stinson, an international development expert specializing in water and environmental resilience for the Water Foundry.

Held on site and online.

“I’m looking forward to a rich discussion with global experts on a holistic multi-sectoral approach involving private sector partnership, regulatory and governance practices and innovation.”

Victoria Edwards, FIDO Tech CEO