World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, February 22-23

By 22/02/2022 - 23/02/2022

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WATCH AGAIN: FIDO CEO Victoria Edwards joined the expert panel on Leak Forecasting: Harnessing Predictive Technology at the 2022 World Water-Tech Innovation Summit.

World Water-Tech is one of the sector’s most established and respected events and, as a member of the advisory board, Victoria also helped steer the agenda on Building Resilience.

Delegates included more than 400 water utility leaders, start-ups, technology giants, engineers and investors from around the world.


Eliminate human error and negate false positives for better results

FIDO AI instantly analyses any acoustic or kinetic leak file from any source for super accurate results on any size of leak or pipe material.

Trained on verified data from United Utilities, one of the world’s most advanced networks, FIDO is immune to human error and extraneous noise.

Data you can work with

Prioritise the leaks that matter and halve overall runtime

FIDO AI is the world’s only technology to determine leak size just by analysing and understanding data files.

Now, for the first, time leak teams can prioritise the leaks losing the most water and, using FIDO’s free hardware sensors, keep monitoring the rest.

And with our free FIDO Bug sensors, you can easily expand your smart network into non-sensor areas, perform DMA sweeps in a fraction of the time and exactly locate leaks in the field with FIDO Cloud Correlation.

Screenshot of FIDO AI platform dashboard showing  large leak analysis results

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