North American Water Loss 2021, December 7-9

By 07/12/2021 - 09/11/2021

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FIDO Chief Technical Officer Neil Edwards will speak about actionable AI insight at the North American Water Loss 2021 in Austin on Wednesday December 8.

Here’s a selection of curated content to set the context of his presentation.

Introducing actionable insight

What would you do if you knew where all the largest leaks on your network were right now? Prioritize them, right?

Until now, smart digitised responses to water losses have been prohibitively costly for US water utilities, particularly the smaller ones. But innovative AI that provides insight like leak size, changes everything.

Leak-sizing is an example of actionable insight that can only be generated by the smart analysis of acoustic and kinetic signatures using AI.

Knowing a leak’s size means you can focus resources on the relatively small number of leaks that are losing the most water and cut their run-time faster. It is a really cost-effective way to tackle non-revenue water and reach net zero

Do more and go faster

Just before COP26, UN-Water vice-chair Kelly Ann Naylor said the world should ‘do more and go faster’ to meet the challenges of climate change.

Preventing water loss through leaks is one way, but it is hard and expensive. Ninety per cent never show above ground, and installing acoustic sensors is a big capital investment with equally big human resource implications.

Even in the UK, home to some of the world’s largest best-funded and advanced water utilities, only a fraction of pipelines have sensors. 

What hope for the US where water auditing and digital adoption are still in the early stages for most?

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FIDO presentation: 1.30pm CST Wednesday December 8 (Bluebonnet room)

FIDO CTO Neil Edwards will speak in a session on Innovative Leakage Management Technologies at 1.30PM CDT on Wednesday December 8 in the Bluebonnet room

The session will present innovations in leak detection via use of neural networks and artificial intelligence for improved leak management efficiency, and condition assessment technologies targeting specific pipe material and offering greater precision in locating leaks. Attendees will hear how the application of these technologies has aided utilities in leak detection.

In Neil’s segment The Absolute Truth About Leaks, he will discuss the effective use of open data and real AI built on verified data.

Contact Neil at the conference or reach out to us at any time to arrange a meeting.