AWWA California/Nevada Section, October 23-26

By 23/10/2022 - 26/10/2022

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Based on data from the LA Times in August 2022, up to 42% of the Sacramento population alone have been affected by water scarcity to ‘somewhat or a great deal’. This is also true for the entire state of California and other drought stricken areas of the US. Diminishing water supply coupled with increased demand is real and is happening closer to home than we wish to admit.

The good news is that water lost to leaks is one of the cheapest sources of water recovery. However without the right tools some leaks can be challenging to detect especially if they are not visible on the surface. At FIDO we make the invisible visible. We provide a sensor and platform agnostic AI solution to locate undetected leaks on all pipe materials using any source of acoustic data. If no acoustic data is available we provide our own sensors for free as part of a monthly subscription. Even better, we can size leaks too so utilities can focus on the leaks that matter, maximizing operational efficiency at a time of staff shortages and budget restraints.

Where to find us:

Find us in booth 602. At the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, 1401 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

More about FIDO AI

FIDO AI with Relay automates leak detection and increases output and efficiency without adding to your labour woes.

Our super-accurate, real-time leak file analysis removes false alarms, human input and error to easily find all your leaks in any material. Then, you can prioritize your large ones, monitor the small ones and get powerful new insight into the performance of your network.

Includes free sensors to build simple smart leak detection from scratch. Or use FIDO AI to improve returns on prior investment and expand the reach of your sensor estate.