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The release of the new FIDO Bug smartphone app is here. As well as the usual user and data speed improvements, two exciting new functions have dropped.

Top Sounding

The long-awaited addition to the FIDO family of leak location tools. Top Sounding turns FIDO Bugs into sophisticated ground microphones so you can double-verify the location of an underground leak.

Use it after Correlation to provide a second point of evidence on leak location and give additional assurance for a dig team.

Top Sounding works with our ‘Bug Base’ – an adaptor for use on both hard flat and soft, uneven surfaces – to order your Top Sounding adaptor, please contact You will only need one adaptor per user.

Download the user guide here: 

Consumption profiling

Consumption Profiling mode can be used to quickly show when a customer is using water without the need for costly time-consuming flow meter installation. It is helpful in identifying unexpected night-time industrial usage.  CP uses FIDO to accurately analyse pipe noise to track when water is being used. 

It can also be used for revenue protection to detect non-leakage NRW in unmetered vacant properties and re-coup the cost through billing.

Consumption profiling is delivered by FIDO AI using a FIDO Bug dropped onto a customer’s live service installation at any accessible fitting. No digging or insertion required.

Download the user guide here:

Fancy getting your hands on new features before everyone else? Ask about our Beta-Testing Programme.