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With new FIDO Relay, FIDO gives leak teams total control of FIDO AI from wherever they are. Eradicating the need for the lengthy, costly, skilled human intervention required to accurately find, size and locate leaks in real-time.

Innovators working to rid the world of water leaks have unveiled the next evolution of FIDO AI – the powerful algorithm which is taking the global water sector by storm.

Pioneering UK software firm FIDO Tech has launched FIDO Relay which gives engineers all the benefits of FIDO AI without having to go to site.

With Relay, leak teams can spot, size, monitor and locate hidden pipe breaks using FIDO AI without the need for on-site human intervention – and without leaving the office.

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The disruption continues

FIDO disrupted traditional proprietary models for acoustic leak detection by giving away its own sensors for free, removing human error from leak detection and, for the first time ever, telling engineers where to find the largest leaks – so they fix the biggest first and save more water.

Relay is a small simple IoT add-on device for FIDO sensors which allows engineers to instruct and receive real-time data from them remotely for the first time.

This opens up the ability to detect leaks as soon as they happen, calculate their size and then correlate their location between any two FIDO sensors within minutes without leaving the office – a process which currently takes days or weeks for most utilities.

Find leaks sooner, fix them faster

Speaking at the launch of FIDO Relay in San Antonio, Texas, FIDO CEO Victoria Edwards said:

“We’ll never stop leaks from happening altogether, so the next best thing is to find them sooner and fix them faster. That’s what FIDO is dedicated to doing. And it can’t happen soon enough.

“Leaks account for the loss of almost one third of the world’s piped water. But because more than 90 per cent never show above ground it’s always been a time-consuming, costly, skilled and error-prone job trying to find them. It’s no exaggeration to say that many leaks run for years and years.”

FIDO AI detects and locates leaks from the noises they make at a speed and accuracy humans can’t match. But its ability to calculate the size of leaks – which humans can’t do –has really set it apart. Knowing where the largest leaks are, means the ability to fix the ones that matter first, saving more water. Some utilities have halved their leak run time using FIDO AI.

“By giving people total control to instruct FIDO AI remotely and receive data instantly, Relay will shave more precious time from the leak detection process and remove even more human error.”

Victoria Edwards, CEO of FIDO Tech Ltd

“Other technologies collect data remotely but they don’t have access to FIDO AI, nor its unique ability to size leaks, which gives you the ability to fix your largest first and save more water.

“Relay puts FIDO’s power at your finger tips, as it happens. What could be better than that?

“And the brilliant thing is that, because we’re a data-as-a-service, there are no upfront costs. There’s no need for prior investment in digital kit. Any network can go from zero to leakage hero almost overnight,” said Victoria.

Join the beta testing programme and get Relay first

FIDO Relay is currently in beta testing and will be available for general subscription in Q4 of 2022.

Existing FIDO clients can apply to join the beta testing programme and try Relay and other developing functionality for free while developers make final improvements and gather additional on-site data.