EnviroTrace detects leak on a 10-inch PVC pre-commissioned water main


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The Challenge

EnviroTrace, a value added partner of FIDO, were tasked with locating a suspected leak in an extremely challenging environment in Canada. The scenario included a 10 inch PVC pre-commisioned water line, with multiple offtakes, at a depth of 10ft below the surface. Open water lines laid at this depth are common practice in Canada to safeguard the infrastructure from extreme weather conditions. A hydrostatic pressure test confirmed the water line would not sustain pressure whereby it had experienced a consistent decline in pressure from 173 psi to 60 psi over an 8- hour period.

The Solution

FIDO AI was introduced to confirm the presence of the leak largely because it has a proven success rate of >92% accuracy of finding leaks on PVC pipe and also in situations where conventional methods are challenged.

The line was isolated therefore no water was flowing through the pipe. The EnviroTrace team deployed 7 FIDO Bugs on the 5 adjoining mains and 2 available fire hydrants. The Bugs were placed in ‘overnight mode’ whereby 5 acoustic recordings were taken over a period of 5 hours consecutively. FIDO AI was not only able to confirm the presence of a leak but also determined that the leak was medium in size.

On confirmation of the leak, FIDO Cloud Correlation was performed from the adjacent valves to the fire hydrant to determine that the leak was at the T connecting the hydrant to the main line.

The Results

The excavation crew proceeded to dig with the guidance of FIDO AI and the leak was confirmed at the precise location as indicated by the FIDO Cloud Correlation. FIDO AI saved the customer hours and potentially days of guesswork and unnecessary excavations trying to locate this leak. FIDO AI precision and accuracy has reduced leak run time, optimized operational performance, and eliminated unwanted financial burdens associated with constructions costs and field resources.