Polly Blythe

A former journalist, Polly is an excellent communicator and believer in the power of technology to change the world.

Polly’s exceptional writing ability and wide-ranging expertise across all communications disciplines puts her at the heart of FIDO’s plans to spread the message about reducing water leakage.

Prior to joining FIDO, she worked at a senior level in agency, consultant and corporate roles for a range of high-profile organisations, including private, regulated and FTSE100 companies, NGOs and central and local government, primarily in the infrastructure and utilities sectors.

Polly manages our communications function, including media and marketing.

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Articles by Polly Blythe

FIDO Sweep

FIDO Sweep To get the most out of FIDO’s game-changing AI you need FIDO Sweep. Sweep is a mobile end-to-end leak detection process that gathers its own data for super accurate analysis by our AI. No need for existing loggers or sensors. Samples are gathered by multiple free simple-to-use mini sensors called FIDO Bugs. There’s no CAPEX outlay because Bugs are included […]

Vacancy: Leakage Technical Engineer

Job vacancy: Leakage Technical Engineer Date posted: 24/06/2022 Salary: £40,000pa Location: Based in Bicester or Wigan, with both off-site and flexible home working Benefits: Pension, 28 days holiday, company vehicle, great team spirit Reports to: Optimisation manager The role We need an experienced water leakage engineer to teach our growing portfolio of UK clients learn […]

Vacancy: Leakage Technical Manager (North)

Job vacancy: Leakage Technical Manager (North) Date posted: 24/06/2022 Salary: £50,000pa Location: Based in Wigan with both off-site and flexible home working Benefits: Pension, 28 days holiday, company vehicle, great team spirit Reports to: Optimisation manager The role We’re looking for a skilled water leakage manager who would like an exciting new challenge at the […]

FIDO Leak Central

FIDO Leak Central What if you could take everything you knew about leaks and use it to get reliably better outcomes for your network and your customers? With Leak Central, you can. Leak Central is FIDO AI’s platform agnostic, deep learning interpretative tool which models leakage outcomes based on actual verified data from your network. […]


FIDO Bugs FIDO Bugs are our own supplied sensors. Drop them magnetically onto your network to build instant smart leak detection from scratch and use them to unlock even more of FIDO AI’s super powers. Bugs record acoustic and kinetic signatures so FIDO AI can deliver points of information on leak/no leak and leak size […]

FIDO Sweep features

Features of FIDO Sweep FIDO Sweep is our no-CAPEX way to create instant cutting-edge leak detection on any network because all the sensors you need are included as part of your monthly subscription. Also give you the ability to locate leaks exactly in the field using FIDO Cloud Correlation. Using free FIDO Bugs as mini, […]

FIDO Bug functions

More ways to use FIDO Bugs FIDO Bugs are our mini-multi-function marvels that are so much more than just a sensor. Because they take such high quality acoustic and kinetic samples, FIDO AI can extract even more insight from FIDO Bug data than most legacy loggers. New functions are released every three months with each […]

FIDO Sweep benefits

Benefits of FIDO Sweep FIDO Sweep delivers all the benefits of FIDO AI at an area scale, plus accurate on-site leak location to under a metre.

Vacancy: Sales Account Manager

Job vacancy: Sales Account Manager Water leakage technology (software) Date posted: 24/06/2022 Salary range:  £30,000 to £35,000 plus commission Location: Home-based Full-time, permanent The role Take your sales career to the next level and help us save the planet. We urgently need a Sales Account Manager with a proven, successful track record, ideally with previous […]

FIDO technology roadmap

FIDO technology roadmap FIDO is a constantly evolving advanced water leak detection AI technology which predicts leak probability and leak size to more than 92% accuracy. Jump to FIDO technology roadmap. The FIDO algorithm At the heart of our technology lies FIDO AI, our patented hybrid deep-learning multi-tiered algorithm which was trained on verified leak […]

FIDO Cloud Correlation

FIDO Cloud Correlation Right-first-time water leak location avoids dry digs, cuts run-time and reduces water loss faster. Traditional correlation uses edge devices. This specialist on-site hardware needs trained operators and regular re-calibration. It can be costly and time-consuming. With FIDO Cloud Correlation you use the same FIDO Bugs you use in all your water leak […]

FIDO Leak sizing

FIDO Leak-sizing Knowing a leak’s size means you can focus resources on the relatively small number of leaks that are losing the most water and cut their run-time faster. This sort of invaluable insight is the smart way to tackle the global issue of non-revenue water and reach net zero. And it’s something no human […]