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Inclusivity and diversity

Inclusivity and diversity We believe everyone is entitled to equality of opportunity and treatment irrespective of ethnicity, colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin, mental or physical disabilities, age, marital or civil partnership status, actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender or gender re-assignment, pregnancy or parental / carers responsibility, religion or belief, or trades union membership.

Our history

Our history We are not green-about-the-gills techies with our heads in the clouds (although we are physicists and data scientists). Our company roots lie in more than 15 years delivering professional, reliable and complex data mediation, analysis and audit solutions to some of the world’s most globally recognisable companies in many industry sectors. Our vast […]

FIDO people

FIDO people We are on a mission to be the very best at leak detection and help everyone from network director to network technician improve performance and save water.

Our vision

Our vision Quite simply, it’s to rid the world of leaks, save water and share more of the earth’s most precious resources with the environment we love. Sound grand? Maybe. But we’re all in, and we know that water companies want it too. FIDO wants to be the go-to choice for water companies the world-over […]

Product downloads

Product downloads Download information about the FIDO process and information on the features and functionality of the latest release of our constantly-developing FIDO AI.

FIDO AI features

Features of FIDO AI FIDO’s deep-learning algorithm is >92% accurate (and increasing daily), fully hardware agnostic and compliant with industry data sharing protocols. Trained using a growing library of over 1.7 million samples, FIDO is already hundreds of times faster than humans at identifying real leaks and improves as it learns. Analytical Functions Over time, […]

Leakage technician

Leakage technician More innovation, more training, more kit. It seems with every technological advancement another piece of essential hardware clamours for space in an engineer’s toolkit. But when it comes to leakage detection, even with the benefit of acoustic sensors, nailing leak position clearly enough to raise a dig order comes down to old-fashioned hard […]

Network analyst

Network analyst Detecting leaks is important but, like pressure management, it’s just one technique among many used by network analysts to drive down water loss from distribution systems. For analysts, smart sensors have been both a technical blessing and an added workload. Downloading overnight sensor alarms, including false positives, makes time-consuming human analysis essential. But, however expert, people […]

Leakage manager

Leakage manager What if you had more loggers? What if your team had more time for network optimisation instead of chasing false alarms? What if you had better data and could stop more NRW? FIDO AI gives you all that, and more. First, you don’t need more loggers. FIDO gathers its own data with no […]

Network director

Network director Technology is transforming water company operations. Extensive investment in monitoring and sensors has given organisations more information than ever about the way their networks are performing.  But translating this deluge of data into continuous performance improvement is getting harder just as the environmental, social and financial stakes are getting higher. When it comes to managing water loss, […]

FIDO AI Benefits

Benefits of FIDO AI FIDO AI accurately detects water leaks and is the only technology to give you leak size. It helps you free-up and prioritise more resource to better meet water loss objectives and reduce non-revenue water.


FIDO AI FIDO AI is the elegant patented algorithm at the heart of our leak detection solution. It is so uniquely attuned to the data trail left only by real leaks that nothing beats it for speed and accuracy. It’s also the world’s only technology to give you leak-sizing. FIDO is AI in the true […]

Request a demo

Request a demo FIDO hunts the unique data signatures left only by real leaks and is stunningly good at finding them. But don’t take our word for it. Take the FIDO Global Challenge and put us to the test. Our demo site gives you access to FIDO AI so you can upload single acoustic and […]

Cookie policy

Fido Tech Limited cookie policy By continuing to use our website, you confirm that you agree with the following policy. If you do not agree, please leave the site. What’s a cookie? A “cookie” is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored on your computer’s hard drive or browser and which records […]

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Contact FIDO Tech We would love to talk to you about your leakage goals and challenges and explore how using our game-changing AI and DaaS platform can help you improve your team’s performance, efficiency and job satisfaction.