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Blogs, videos and user tips.

Conference paper: FIDO Cloud Correlation (download)

A white paper discussing the development of FIDO's novel water leak location method called Cloud Correlation (FCC).

Research: Review on condition monitoring techniques for water pipelines

Scientific review of condition monitoring techniques for water pipelines (external link to Science Direct).

Find the leaks that matter with FIDO leak-sizing

FIDO’s powerful leak detecting AI now calculates leak size, providing a powerful new tool to transform leakage performance and water loss from public networks.

The FIDO solution

FIDO's three-part solution to water leak detection incorporates leak-sizing AI, rugged low capex hardware and predictive leak prevention.

FIDO Research & Development

FIDO’s deep-learning algorithm is a living thing. Constantly learning as it is taught new ways of using data. Constantly improving as its memory grows with every verified decision. Behind this success lies the hungry young teams of scientists, developers and operational experts.

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