Our vision

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Our vision

Quite simply, it’s to rid the world of leaks, save water and share more of the earth’s most precious resources with the environment we love. Sound grand? Maybe. But we’re all in, and we know that water companies want it too.

FIDO wants to be the go-to choice for water companies the world-over by bringing together the varied leak detection methods they’re already using in one beautifully simple, adaptable, completely hardware agnostic SaaS solution.

And then sharing what we learn.

By working together we can do it, one mega-litre at a time.

Our business values

Our values are at the heart of FIDO Tech and are shared and owned by every one of our employees. Let’s sum them up in four words.

Faith. We always do what we say we can do. We believe in FIDO and have faith in one another and our abilities.

Passion. For saving water and making a positive difference to the planet, that is.

Adventurous. We’re willing to take risks and try out new methods, ideas or experiences.

Creative, different and diverse. Ok, that’s three more words. But rules are there to be challenged. We dare to do it differently, embrace innovation and change, and concentrate on the solutions not the problems.

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