Our history

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Our history

We are not green-about-the-gills techies with our heads in the clouds (although we are physicists and data scientists). Our company roots lie in more than 15 years delivering professional, reliable and complex data mediation, analysis and audit solutions to some of the world’s most globally recognisable companies in many industry sectors.

Our vast experience includes working in hostile environments like railway stations, ferry terminals, airports, stadia, large scale outdoor and remote locations and this has helped us understand the need for operational ruggedness and reliability.

These are the building blocks that underpin our FIDO innovation.

The early days

FIDO Tech started as an idea in the brain of physicist and data expert Neil Edwards who saw the potential of using a mathematical technique called differential analysis and Machine Learning to Determine Fluid Leakage from Pipelines.

But, as with all great ideas, it took a dedicated team of scientists, technicians and business people to turn it into the whole process solution it is today.

Water is in our DNA

A pivotal moment came in 2018 when FIDO won a coveted place on United Utilities Innovation Lab. United Utilities is one of the UK’s largest and most respected water companies, especially in the field of innovation.

The Innovation Lab gave us the chance to work hand in hand with professionals working in the coal face of leak detection. With access to their considerable leakage data, business acumen and practical support, FIDO developed into a tool that works as effectively in the field as it does in the lab.

A tool that technicians love, because they helped design it. A tool that United Utilities’ itself called a ‘game changer’.