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About FIDO Tech

We take industry problems and use our technical innovation, analytical expertise and operational engineering experience to deliver robust and reliable solutions.

We specialise in solving difficult and complex problems efficiently and professionally, sharing best practice throughout the company and with our clients to ensure the best customer outcome.

FIDO AI is our response to the water industry’s problem of leakage. FIDO is helping the water industry reduce the time from leak alarm to leak fix and post fix audit.

Our FIDO solution

Developed hand-in-hand with innovation and operational leakage teams in a major UK water company, FIDO is fast becoming the most accurate, cost-effective all-round leak detection solution on the market.

This collaborative approach to problem-solving is driving continuous improvement at FIDO and it’s the way we do business. As we work with more and more water companies across the world we are uncovering new problems that FIDO AI can solve.

A number of exciting new FIDO applications researched in our labs in Oxford are currently in development, and several are already at an advanced stage of field testing and validation.

Water leak spray

Social responsibility and diversity

As an employer, business partner and member of society we aim to be as ethical as possible recognizing that a sustainable organisation balances of the three pillars of society, economy and environment performance.

We always conduct our activities and services honestly and honourably, and encourage our employees, clients, associates and suppliers to do the same.